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The port district has a total area of 4,400,000 square meters (440 has), excluding the water spaces and related areas fall within the town of Gioia Tauro (RC) and in the municipality of San Ferdinando (RC).
The port is situated in the middle position along the coast of the gulf to the west of the entrance with exposure identified by the coordinates: lat. 38 ° 26'36'' N and long. 15 ° 53'30'' E.
It has a channel configuration with a mirror surface water inside of 180 acres located parallel to the coast.
The mouth of the harbor has a width of about 300 m., And is contiguous to it a basin of rotation of the diameter of 750 m. . In the north it develops the harbor channel length of about 3 km and a minimum width of 200 m, extended to 250 m in the initial section.
At the extreme north of the canal is a further evolution of the basin diameter of 500 m ..
It has 5,125 m. of quays of which m. 3,391 made along the east side, m. 814 along the north side and m.920 along the west side with depths of up to -18 m (corresponding to the deep water quay).

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